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Manual de informática de w32/sharpei.cln

w32/sharpei-cln, virus.w32/sharpei-cln, sharpei-cln
tipo: gusano
tama?o: 8,704 bytes
origen: belgica
destructivo: si en la calle (in the wild): si detección y eliminación: the hacker 5.4 al 21/03/2003. descripción:
w32/sharpei.cln , es un gusano que llega en un archivo pe llamado no_war.exe (este nombre puede variar), el archivo requiere ser instalado en el ambiente microsoft.net, para poder ejecutar su rutina maliciosa
cuando el gusano se ejecuta mostrará un mensaje de texto con alusiones en contra de la guerra con irak :
in short: fuck war
hi there..
this is, unlike you may expect from me, *not* a virus. its a disinfector for sharp, one of my viruses.
why am i doing this? well, i got a bit annoyed with the whole lets attack iraq thing. i saw bush neglecting
any proposals (other than war) made by other countries. he even refused to have a conversation with saddam to
at least *try* and talk things out. children get taught, even while still in kindergarten, to solve arguments
with words, not violence. and grown up politicians cant? as we all know, all bush wants is the oil there..
i couldve made a virus out of this statement, or i couldve at least make it propagate like a worm, but i
chose not to. i chose to write disinfector for sharp, which may be useful to some people.. its just my way
of saying stop to war, although i know theyre not gonna listen anyway, the way they dont listen to millions of
people out there.
now good luck with the disinfection.
gigabyte [metaphase vx team]
[ ok ]
no_war.exe , aparentemente desinfecta al computador de la infección del w32/sharpei . se recomienda hacer la limpieza de virus con software antivirus, jamas lo haga con programas o aplicaciones que provengan de desconocidos.

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