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Cangzhou huanyu electrocircuit co.,ltd.Is a professional contract including SMT, BGA, CSP and other high precision, high density, high quality printed circuit boards single, double and multilayer, including lead-free level, chemical gold plating, coating soldability organic protective layer (OSP) lead-free products; It is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, sales and service. The company has a complete, with domestic advanced level of production, testing special equipment. Huanyu company with high quality product quality and good corporate reputation has won the praise of the majority of users. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Zhenrong, chairman of the board, and Mr. Zhang Fengqi, general manager, all employees of the company follow the quality policy of "quality-oriented, continuous improvement, and pursuit of complete customer satisfaction", and serve the customers wholeheartedly.
Integrity is the soul of huanyu culture, the company's survival basis and pillar of faith, is the basic pursuit of all huanyu people in the past 30 years. Huanyu will strive to establish a mechanism not to let good faith suffer losses, to protect the reasonable interests of good faith. To make employees rich is the performance of Huanyu's integrity to employees, and to make customers completely satisfied is the performance of Huanyu's integrity to customers. Huanyu allows the failure caused by integrity and tolerates the loss caused by integrity, because huanyu people believe that integrity creates opportunities and will lead to greater and longer term success.
Huanyu always regards customers as the parents of food and clothing. Customers are the basis of huanyu's existence, the foundation of its survival and the place where its value is realized. Huanyu always adheres to the idea of market first and customer first, and always considers problems from the perspective of customers. It is the boundduty of Huanyu people to "think what customers think and worry about what customers want". Huanyu adheres to the service philosophy of "quality-oriented, continuous improvement and complete customer satisfaction", and pursues the perfection of service process and complete satisfaction of service result. Huanyu technology to improve the level of service, to improve the quality of service management. Sincere unlimited, unlimited service is huanyu's commitment to customers.